A N A L i X ltd.

 P R I N C I P L E S

ANALiX has been established by leading experts in the field of nondestructive analytical methods, and software.

The nondestructive methods for analyses and quality control are ANALIX' main field of interest Due to our great research and applied experience in a number of laboratories and industrial plants in Bulgaria and many other countries (all the members of our team are trained by International Agency for Atomic Energy and some are IAEA' experts), we created our own conception based on the next principles:

1. The essential measuring part of each analytical instrument has to be designed in accordance to the particular working conditions and needs of the concrete tasks and client. By the practice we have the firm belief that the analytical universalism is a too expensive, and usually useless. Generally, the customer ’ s analytical needs are limited.

Keeping this principle in mind we are trying to satisfy two, at first sight opposite requirements: the maximum wanted precision and the minimum possible price. In this way our client avoids out of necessity to pay for a too expensive universalism of the instrument unless he really need it.

2. An appropriate software is able in a great measure to compensate for the physical limitations of the nondestructive methods proceeded from interlacement, spectral and matrix influences. These limitations could be even fatal in case of very complicated or highly variable composition of the analyzed or controlled material. We overcome this problem through conjunction between the physics analytical methods and mathematics shaping and processing methods. So our instruments will give you full correctness regardless of the structure and composition variations.

3. The analytical calibration is the soul of the nondestructive analysis. Industrial instruments need a correct calibration, conformable to particular conditions and materials. Underrating of this problem could reduce each, otherwise good instrument into a fair decoration.

We keep these principles in both laboratory and industrial instruments, produced by us.

Our instriments work in some of the main Plants of the Bulgarian Energetics as TPP Mariza East - 2, TPP AES Galabovo, ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP, Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD, Pernik Coal Mines.

Besides the main TPP and Coal Mines, our clients are also some of the main Metalurgy Plants in Bulgaria as Aurubis Bulgaria - Pirdop, SOFIA MED, STOMANA INDUSTRY S.A.