About ANALiX

Analix is a leader in production and maintenance of instruments for on-line and laboratory non-destructive (X-ray and Gamma) measurements and control, in design and control of radiation protection and radiation safety in medicine and in industry.

Our On-Belt Coal Analyzers have the best possible parameters at the lowest possible price.

Design of the Analix Analyzers is strictly considered to do specific needs and conditions of each client.


On Belt Coal Quantity and Quality Analyzers (BCA)

BCA-5 Analizer - Analix

The Analix’ On-belt analyzers reached a highest accuracy by a new high-tech electronics design and original software.

Our design ensures full radiation safety for the people working near the analyzers or passing by.

Installing analyzers at the conveyors is done without any changing of the Conveyors construction.

The Analix’ On-belt analyzers work fully automatic.

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On-Belt Coal Analyzers (BCA) in Coal Open Pit Mines

On-Belt Ash Analyzers and Scales Coal Open Pit Mines - Analix

In the biggest open coal pits in Bulgaria (Maritza East Mines) work 17 Analix’ On-Belt Coal Analyzers. They measure on-line the ash content of the excavated coal, the current belt load and the total coal quantity directly at the 12 excavators and at the 5 outgoing belt conveyors. Trough this information pit dispatchers do on-line quality management of the excavated and delivered to TPP coal.

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On-Belt Coal Analyzers (BCA) in TPP

On-Belt Ash Analyzers and Scales in TPP - Analix

In the main Bulgarian TPP work 19 Analix’ on-belt coal analyzers (BCA). They provide continues measurement of coal ash content, belt load, and total coal quantity. The original software of  analyzers working stations calculates the coal moisture and caloricity.

All these on-line data make possible an effective control of the coal recivered in TPP stores and of the coal feeding boilers.

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Coal Quality Management Systems (CQMS) in mines and TPP

Coal Quality Management Systems (CQMS) in mines and in TPP - Analix

Coal Quality Management System in TPP improves the burning process and as result reduces production costs and harmful emissions.

In mines CQMS helps meeting both customer’s requirements and own benefits; improves the processes of coal extraction, transportation and delivery; provides local and central supervision and management of mining.

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Radiation protection of industrial and medical facilities

Radiation protection of devices for technological processes

All kinds of devices for technological processes - Ash-content measurement, XRF analysers, scales, level and density meters, storages for NDT, radioactive sources shielding;

All types of X- and gamma-ray facilities for diagnostic & therapy – CT, PET-CT, SPECT, X-ray radiography and fluoroscopy, linacs;

Shielding design of cyclotron fasilities for isotope production.